Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Can You Bake a Cherry Pie, Billy Boy

so, an exciting milestone has been reached this, not the tomatoes, cause the first one was 2 weeks ago.  i know, i should have told you.  no, it's the inaugural appearance of the boiling water canner for the season.  that's right, and the victim:  cherries.

i have to say that of all the canning i've done so far (admittedly, not much), cherries have got to be up there in the labor intensive.  granted, these were "found" cherries, picked off a tree in public space, so i was already spending a decent amount of time picking.  but then, oh, then comes The Pitting.  thank goodness for my mother-in-law's fancy high-tech pitter, that's all i can say.  

and, after all that, i got enough to make 2.3 pies.  my husband's favorite, so i hope he knows how much i love him.  yeah, he probably does.


Christopher said...

of course I do

be_a_Mary said...

so how many cups of cherries did you have to pick and unpit to make 2.3 berry pies? (and would you mind sending me the .3!!) I am VERY impressed!! and somehow you take care of 3 boys, run a household, work, and bake from scratch all these delectable things?!?