Friday, July 27, 2007

End of an Era

well, it's official. for the first time in 5.5 years, i am not pregnant, breastfeeding, or pregnant and breastfeeding. that's right, jonathan is officially weaned. he's not too happy, but not sure he remembers exactly what it was he's not happy's the blessing and curse of the 1 year old attention span.

me, on the other hand, i'm ambivalent. as i usually am at big crossroads like this. on one hand, it is really nice to have more freedom and to let someone else take over the nighttime waking, putting-the-baby-to-bed routine. on the other, i am going to miss that sweetness of time together, the way he would look at me while we were nursing, the easy comfort that nursing brings. the funny way he would throw one arm over his eyes. the oh-thank-goodness-i-finally-got-some-milk eyes rolling back in the head.

he's got things to do now, places to go. he can't be stopped for nostalgia.... bye bye, baby. hello, toddler-on-the-road!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

He has Wheels!

so, jonathan has been walking up a storm these days, in the walk walk walk walk BOOM! sense. he took his very first steps on my birthday (happy birthday to me!) and he has been practicing ever since. he is very proud of himself...and i have to say that i had forgotten the cuteness of the little leg-flailing, arms-held-outward gait. when there is a need for speed he will still resort to crawling, but that is getting fewer and farther between. i bet by the end of the month he will be walking full time. it's amazing how fast they learn!

i am going to try to post a video here later, if i can figure it out. stay tuned!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Beware the Kidney Stone

something you may not want to do for your next saturday: go to the e.r. to pass a kidney stone. that's right, no longer the domain of old men or sedentary meat-eaters, ye olde kidney stone came to visit me this weekend while i was minding my own business. let me tell you, not such a fun time.

side note to the young woman who was working the front desk at the urgent care: maybe it would be best to confine your personal phone calls to times when there isn't someone in your waiting room writhing in pain and vomiting.

off to drink more water....