Friday, August 29, 2008

Million Dollar Beans

the above is a photo of one pound of green beans.  for reference, a pound of organic green beans was selling at the boulder farmers market last week for $5.  five bucks!  the following photo is of the amount of green beans i have in my fridge from just the past 6 days:
so, by my calculations, by the end of the summer, my 1/2 packet of pole green beans should save me approximately $1,039,572 in organic boulder green beans.  take that, $5 a pound!  

(anyone know any green bean recipes?)


joysnatcher said...

yes, my grandparents have a garden and I am inundated with green beans, and I found a great recipe involving garlic, lemon, and bread crumbs. But it's at my house and I'm at my mom's. If you don't already have a recipe that resembles this, I will happily post it later.

christy said...

i definitely want your recipe...sorry i didn't remember to tell you earlier!