Monday, July 07, 2008

I am an HMTL Wizard

not to deflect from my previous post, but i just have to share my latest accomplishment, which is--messing around with the code in my blog.  i'm sure for "real" bloggers this is childs play, but...

*drumroll please*

...i changed the blockquotes code in my blog!  and i only twitched a little bit with anxiety before making the change, worried that i had irrevocably messed up my blog forever.

what are blockquotes, you ask?  well, let me tell you.  they are the thing that makes the quotation stand out differently from the rest of the text.  i got the idea for mine from this really helpful site called Blogger Buster, which had a bunch of ideas for customizing your blockquotes.  here's a copy of what i used, handily offset by the blockquotes themselves:
blockquote {
margin:1em 20px;
font-weight; bold;
font-style: italic; color: #87cefa;
border: 3px dotted #87cefa;
padding: 10px;
i even made up my own color scheme, and everything.  now, wasn't that fun?

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