Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sooo Handsome

ok, so i know it's been a while....
thanks to W and because we want to do our duty as good americans, we have used our soon-to-arrive tax stimulus package to finally upgrade our computer.  which means, posting will theoretically be easier.  and, in celebration i offer you:
Daniel's New Glasses!

these are circa january or so, but i couldn't get the old computer to do the pictures.  his eyes had been crossing pretty dramatically before we got them, but it seems to have corrected that.  we go in at the end of the month to see if he needs a new prescription (we've already changed it once).  meanwhile, i happen to think he is totally cute!


joysnatcher said...

You happen to think correctly. That is a very cute little boy. I love little kids in glasses. Does he love them? I would guess so, since he can probably see a lot better than before?

christy said...

you are a fast poster! we must be on at the same time. :) he *does* see a ton better...we noticed right away that he was interested in doing things he hadn't been before, like stringing beads or coloring. i think it's going to make a huge difference.

how are you doing? we have both been post-less lately, me more than you! hope you are well...

Anonymous said...

Dan man is looking good. Im glad the glasses seem to be helping him. I can't imagine how he's seen the world up until now. We take that kind of stuff for granted. Im also excited about more frequent postings about the clan over there. Another reason to be thankful for 'W' and his economic stimulus package. I know I'm happily spending mine at the gas station and resting assured that our national debt won't be my generations problem to solve. Obama 2008 shhh don't tell Dad. Ok maybe McCain.


christy said...

dear matty,
if you vote obama 2008 i will:
1. have to rethink that "my brother is a redneck" t-shirt i got myself for my birthday
2. buy you a hot-fudge-sundae (is bribing someone for their vote illegal?)
3. think you are totally cool. ok, i already think that.