Friday, March 07, 2008

File This Under: You Don't Have to be a Tree-Hugging Liberal

i came across this website today, and i have to say, it was heartening. many times, i am frustrated by the inertia of the church when it comes to environmental issues. in fact, some treat the very word "environmental" as some kind of pejorative. however, an organization of evangelical leaders have come together to create the Evangelical Climate Initiative is seeking to change that, by acknowledging that the problem is real, urgent, and important for us as Christians to address. it even has a handy tab under their faq's entitled: "Does addressing climate change mean we're becoming liberals?" (just in case you were worried about that.) :) check it out!

love, your favorite tree-hugger.


Anonymous said...

Ah, but you have to use good science. I'll be glad to talk to you about it when you want.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to comment because I think this is an interesting topic. I do not know much about Global Warming. I'm not sure I will do a lot of research either. I do think it is interesting (oh, I said that already). I read some stuff and then skipped to the part about will it make me liberal. I actually think this is a very conservative thing to do. But I do understand the concern. I didn't see any scripture in the website. I do believe God says in Genesis 1:27-30 that we are to take care of the earth. We are abusing it rather badly, it seems. But...that said...I still can't shake the fact that this global warming has been happening since maybe the time God created the earth? I'm not sure. Do people who specialize in figuring out global warming take into account the glaciers we used to have? I know WI (or part of) used to be a glacier. Of course, if they are using billions of years instead of thousands of years...well...that could be throwing them off.

I rambled a bit much, didn't I? I'll shut-up. =) Anywho...