Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Seasonal Food by State

just thought i'd share this link as a corollary to the post from yesterday: Sustainable Table has a listing of the food that each state produces and shows when each item is in season. this way, you can tell if those groceries you are buying are actually fresh, and not shipped from halfway around the world. the site also has a summary of reasons why local and sustainable agriculture and meat farming is so important, as well as shopping guides to help you find these things in your own neighborhood or state. i haven't looked through the whole thing yet...maybe there are even more treasures there i don't know about!

additionally, this website gives an eye opening and thoroughly disenheartening list of grocery store brands that contain genetically modified ingredients. i had *no idea* how widespread this was.


joysnatcher said...

Sadly, we haven't been able to participate in a csa, since we're gone all the time. But we did get Charlie's parents a membership to one for their Christmas present (also hoping to join in the fun when we are home).

I haven't been able to check the links yet, but I'll be interested. Thanks for the info!

joysnatcher said...

This could probably be it's own post, but our friends are raising a pig for 4-H, then they sell it at auction and the person who buys it can pay a butcher to do all the "butcher-ing". And the pig is home-raised and only grain fed.

Probably everyone knows that this is done, I just am not all that aware of livestock procedures and am pretty naive when it comes to more rural stuff. Anyway, when my friend was explaining it all to me, and after she gave me a rundown on costs, I thought it would be a good idea to go in with a family or two and do the meat-buying this way. I wonder if you could do cows this way, too? I imagine so.

Not that I'm going to do it any time soon, but I was just thinking about it after reading your last few posts.

I guess you'd also need a big freezer.

I'm not trying to say anything except that this is something I recently learned about. Just thought I'd share it with you...not expecting you to go out and buy a pig or anything...just doing my "wondering" on your blog.