Monday, June 11, 2007

Preschool is Over, and other summer adventures

nicholas' last day of preschool was last week, and summer has officially begun. i didn't really think about it much until the last day, but that also means that by the end of the summer, he will be A Kindergartener. that sounds really big. but, for now, it's summer vacation, and so far it's been great.

we also went berry picking last week with friends laura and hayden, and made jam with our haul. nicholas was very cute with his apron on, standing on a stool to stir the jam over the stove. jonathan did his best to eat all the strawberries in sight, and daniel was very concerned to know, 'is this one red? is this one red?' little did i know how worrisome it would be when i told him to make sure he only picked the red ones.

the wednesday night bible study that i have been a part of for the last few years is studying a book by larry crabb (The Pressure's Off), and while i'm not too crazy about the book itself, i feel like i am learning some lessons through what he's writing--the most important of which, that just because something is hard, painful, or suffering is coming as a result, doesn't mean that you are not following God's will. and, sometimes surrendering to the feeling of being out of control or suffering or discontent, and not trying to 'feel better' right away, creates enough space for God to do the work that the heart needs.

i feel like God has given me a reprieve from the distress i was feeling a few weeks ago. i feel so much more peace with where i am in life, and my role in my kids' lives. maybe i am just the kind who needs a 'nervous breakdown' to reset my internal priorities. whatever it is, i feel like God is honoring my decision to 'hang in there' with this season at home with my kids, and giving me an extra dose of precious, memory moments with my kids. thanks for that.

long live summer!


joysnatcher said...

Yay summer! Yay berries (especially red ones).

You make jam? I'm slightly jealous, okay, more than slightly.

I made jam once. I loved it. It will be on my list of things to do once we're "settled down"...hmm, that sounds unlike anything we're planning on soon. Maybe we'll just come make jam with you.

christy said...

christy! consider this a standing invitation to come over and make jam! :)

be_a_Mary said...

YAY. what fun!! isn't it great to be able to add the outdoor weather and berry picking and fun. no more preschool scrambling to get out the door!!