Sunday, February 11, 2007

When Was Your Last Tetanus Shot?

so, we made it though day 2 of the basement caper (relatively) unscathed, and if it weren't for the pesky nailgun shooting a hole in the waterpipe at 8pm, a fairly uneventful day. my right hand was feeling a little left out last week apparently, (when i got a black fingernail on the left ring finger in the first 30 minutes of working), so it decided to add to the drama by impaling itself on a nail. minor flesh wound, as far as i can tell. this home-improvement stuff isn't for sissies.

now all we need is for a benign inspector-type to sign off on the work, and we are on to chapter 3: Drywall Waits for No (Wo)Man.


kim said...

Hey Christy....

It's been way too long! I have been following your blog (I guess you call this lurking) but not commenting -- it's about time I wrote.

I've loved reading what's new in the Estoll household -- I love the way you're so witty and I enjoy your dry sense of humor.

I started a blog of my own tonight -- not sure how well I'll keep up but you're welcome to take a peek.

Everytime I read your blog -- I think -- we need to reconnect. It would be a blast to have our six kids together!

kim said...

by the way -- how is your hand?

You are quite the woman -- taking care of three kids, working and refinishing your basement!

Stay safe!