Thursday, February 15, 2007

Jumpstart My Car

so, it's 16 degrees outside and i have just managed to get all 3 kids dressed, in coats, and out the door. not to mention the 2 diaper bags, my CBS lesson (actually finished!) and lunch for all of us, since we have to go straight from CBS to preschool with a little lunch in between. as soon as they are all in the car, i try to turn on the engine and realize It. Won't. Start. not even the little rrrr-rrrr-rrrrr sound when it is trying to turn over. just a pathetic little *click*. after calling everyone i think could be around and coming up empty, i manage to con a neighbor into coming over and giving me a jump, and 30 minutes later we are finally on our way. did i mention that it is 16 degrees?

not only that, but the baby is sick, i am sick, and i just don't have much in the way of humor to face this situation. which leads me to what i now want to put on my birthday list: the portable jump start device.

if i wasn't so tired and cranky, i might be able to formulate some philisophical reason why this would not be a good idea, something about relying more on God to provide what i need (like a neighbor with a car) or being too caught up with needing to feel self-sufficient rather than going more with the flow. however, i am tired and cranky, so i just *want one.*
the end.


kim said...

I'm glad to read I'm not the only one who this kind of thing happens to...
Our first winter in ND we had a week in January of 40 below temps! We hadn't winterized our car...we thought we were invincible to the cold I guess. That week Pat walked to work in the cold. He would come home with icicles hanging from his face mask :-) and I was homebound. Needless to say, we learned our lesson and the next year we got an engine block heater installed and became one of the thousands of people who plug their cars in at night.... I'm so glad to be done with that!

Is there still a nursing mom's group at the CBS in Boulder? I'm doing the CBS group here in Ft. Collins -- it's a much smaller gathering and I'm in a mixed group -- actually I'm the token young mom in my core group. My kids love the weekly program. And it's nice to have that break in the middle of the week.

Way to go getting your lesson done! I remember many weeks while we were studying Isaiah scrambling to get our lessons done! :-)

christy said...

poor pat--no one should have icicles on his face.

yes, i am in the nursing mom's group...i have been in it every other year since we were together with nicholas and jacob. someday, maybe i'll skip two years! :) i was in that ft. collins group last year during our 2 month stint in was a nice group, though small like you said. too bad you and i were off in our timing, we could've been together again there!