Saturday, February 07, 2009

New Video

Chris again, once more hijacking my wife's blog to post video of the kids. Enjoy.

This first one is simply a conversation with J at the table one day. It seems so important to capture him talking, as we didn't do a great job of getting N & D on audio when they were at the really cute stage of speech.

This one involves chopsticks as drumsticks and one of my favorite songs.

J mangling a christmas song in his own adorable way. Listen carefully at the end.

One of our few sledding days this year. Every year it is hard to find days with enough snow that are warm enough to go outside, but not so warm that the snow melts.


Anonymous said...

Too cute for words!
Grandmom :)

Christy said...

okay, haven't had a chance yet to look at the videos, but I will. I wanted to say I checked out your "birth of a mama" website and am impressed! It looks great. I am a breastfeeding supporter and am impressed that you are so ambitious! What a great job!

Christy said...

and I watched the videos now. such cute little guys!!!