Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Beautiful Sunny Day

so, my husband and the boys were out hiking and playing in the gorgeous june weather today, while i stayed inside at my computer desk at work.  talk about a lame way to spend a beautiful saturday!  and, in order for you to understand just how lame it was, i am posting the video he made of it:


joysnatcher said...

I'm pretty impressed by the involvement of the video. It is pretty lame that you didn't get to be there. Who can resist three little boys splashing?

I have to say, I'm interested in the answer to Nicholas' question. We, too, field similar scientific questions multiple times daily.

Christopher said...

Me: When you put your foot in the water, the water doesn't go inside of your foot, does it? It has to move out of the way so your foot has room to be there.

Nix: But the water comes back right away even when my foot stays there.

Me: Yes - the water comes back around your foot, but your foot is still taking up some space where the water used to be. When you take your foot away, the water goes back into that space too.

Nix: (removing foot from water) "oh yeah"

We revisited the discussion while hiking Wednesday night when Daniel was trying to understand what causes thunder - the air moves away from the lightning just like the water moves away from your foot and makes a loud sound, just like the sound that is made when your foot hits the water. I'm not sure he completely understood that, but he didn't ask me to explain it again.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's your cousin EMilie... I like to see what you write. I can relate to not wanting to 'waste' perfectly good food. I actually still have the leftover hot fudge from the sundae I got on my b-day(almost a month ago). At the time I thought I could just put it on some ice cream at home... well, I guess I should throw it away now. This video is soooo adorable.