Wednesday, November 21, 2007

To Light, or Not to Light

in the spirit of raising issues with high emotional value, i thought i'd throw another one into the ring: when to turn on the christmas lights. knowing how deep this issue goes, it may be the most controversial one yet.

my husband loves to hang christmas lights, and he is great at it. our usual rule is that christmas things don't come out until *after* thanksgiving, unlike most major retailers and just about everyone in the world, apparently. last weekend (at my request, mind you) he hung out our outside lights because we knew we would be travelling, and we wanted to turn them on right after thanksgiving. however, now that the lights were up, the temptation was too great--hangs head in shame--we turned the lights on this week.

so, i ask you, where do you fall on the great christmas light debate?
a.) never before thanksgiving! never! never!
b.) i like to put them up whenever the mood strikes, although i save most things til after.
c.) the sooner the better! i'm a christmas maniac!


Anonymous said...

Just so you know, we have opted to forego the lights on the outside of the house all together. I wanted to reduce my carbon footprint. :-)

Love, Dad

TulipGirl said...

Well. . . I'm a strictly after-Thanksgiving type of girl. That said, Christmas music started on our local radio station today, and though I was a tad annoyed that it wasn't after Thanksgiving, I still got misty-eyed when "Carol of the Bells" came on.

joysnatcher said...

I think I would do exactly what you did. I'm generally an after Thanksgiving girl, but if it works out before, then great! The kids LOVE lights, and who doesn't want to see excited kids?

joysnatcher said...

this is off the subject, but could I get your apple butter recipe? and maybe a bit of direction when it comes to the canning part? if you have time?

my email address is:


nates5bs said...

We bring out Christmas on Thanksgiving day because with Nathan's Christmas show schedule, it's either on Thanksgiving day or it will never happen!