Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Temporary Singledom

just a little shout out to all you single parents and occasional "business trip widows". chris has been gone since early sunday, and lets just say this week has helped me to not take him for granted. being home with 3 little ones is hard--being home with 3 little ones alone is even harder. and, i don't even have to do it that often! so, kudos to all you uncomplaining masses who deal with this all the time--you have my respect.


be_a_Mary said...

Yes, I have thought this about 1,000 times before, every time C is traveling I think, bless those single mothers who do it every day by themselves. Such a hard job.

And thank you Lord for my husband!!

Cait said...

hi Christy!
you are a charming, charming writer. i totally want a "thought a day from Christy." :-)

it was lovely to see your cute boy for an evening - only wish you were here, too. someday someday someday. hope the bee sting turned out to be ok...