Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Gluten-free resources

on sunday all of us went out to eat with chris' parents (colorado natives now), and we went to our favorite restaurant in louisville, The Huckleberry. think breakfast restaraunt meets high tea, if you can. it is always an interesting experience these days, since living glutenless, because usually most everything in a restaurant is either made with gluten or has touched something that is. however, there are always pleasant surprises, and this time our waitress had a relative with celiac, so i didn't have to go through any descriptive demands for how daniel's meal needed to be prepared. not that i am very good at that yet, but i am practicing. then, there's always the possibility that the tests will come back negative next week.

anywhoo, in the meantime, i am still in the process of gathering info (of course i am), and recently came across a post in a blog called [gluten free] goddess (see link on the left) where she writes out in a very comprehensive way all the different ways she substitutes for gluten when she cooks--seemed like a lot of good info, so i thought i'd share it here.


jackie said...

Hi Christy, My name is Jackie Stewart. I am Christy Halsell's mom. On a "whim" I took the link from Christy's blog to yours. I just realized when Thomas was sick who you are. Anyway, to make a long story short, I thought I'd catch a glimpse of your boys and see how Melinda and Jack are doing,since I heard recently they were moving to Colorado. Imagine my surprise when you mentioned celiac disease. Our granddaughter was just diagnosed with this, not so rare disease, this fall...finally.There was much crying and pain and in the end a biopsy to confirm.
I will check out your link to the gluten free goddess, and write more later as I'm just on my way out the door, but felt I would like to say hi and I'll talk with you more a little later. God bless your day!

jackie (again) said...

Once again, imagine my surprise when I talked to my daughter, Christy this evening, and she informed she already told Alisha about Daniel and you and Alisha have connected. I'm so often the last to know. My great discovery was only a discovery to me! At any rate it's fun seeing your(and Chris') kids, and hearing about Jack and Melinda.
I have used your link to the gluten free goddess.
I looked for cookie recipes for Christmas this year, and found few that were good. I still have a rather limited collection of dinners for Aubrey to eat. The goddess is really down to earth and detailed, so I will check her out a little more in depth today.
Thanks for the link.
Have a great day!!

christy said...

hi jackie, how nice of you to comment on my blog! it has been fun to be able to read christy's blog too and know more about what she is up to, and talking with alisha a little about all this gluten stuff. it has definitely been a learning process, and we are still in the midst of it. although, i am finding things to be getting more and more "normal" the longer i do it. and, being of the obsessive-research bent, i have also read a lot of helpful things, too. (what did people do before the internet?) anyway, i'm glad that the gluten free website was helpful, and good luck with finding other things for your granddaughter to eat. you are a good grandmom! :)