Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Where *Are* All Those Guys??

i have not posted for a while, and i will tell you that it is because i have made a stunning realization in the past few days--that is, that apparently those "santa's elves" i've been hearing about are really ME. that's right, it has taken me until i'm 30, but the sheer magnitude of holiday preparations has finally caught up to me.

it's not even that we are doing a crazy-extravagant holiday or anything. if you read my previous post about christmas, you know that i am somewhat disturbed by all the excesses that we are encouraged to engage in when giving at holiday time. in fact, i have been striving to do many of our gifts in a homemade way. which might be part of the madness, actually, given my genetic predisposition to procrastination.

also, this is the first year that we are having christmas in our new house, and the first year that the boys are old enough to really be excited. and in nicholas' case, it may be the first time that he really remembers christmas, now that he's 4. which means i really want things to be special.

so, here's to all the other santa's elves out there...i gotta hand it to you. i had no idea.

photo credit: Flickr/NoOtherOne

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Angie W. said...

Hi Christy,

Is it snowing there? Just kidding. I like your take on things, especially Christmas. We're staying home this year as well, and are so thrilled that we're not going anywhere. I'm content, happy, relaxe, and that's the way this time of year should be. We wish you and your family a wonderful and blessed Christmas. Enjoy the snow for me!