Saturday, October 21, 2006


day number two and this is really pretty a couple of emails, a comment (thanks mom!) and enough positive reinforcement to make any dog proud. ("waiting for the dinner bell to do the bell thing, dinner bell, dinner bell, ding"). seems like a pretty good start.

today marked the third installment in the quest to find a gluten-free pie crust that is worth eating. three or four weeks ago, our doctor suggested that we try a gluten free diet for our middle son daniel, who had had diarrhea pretty much all summer long. we noticed it for a while, but then jonathan was born so everything else was put on the back burner, and then we thought that maybe it was just too much fruit, and then we tried probiotics, and then all of a sudden we were struck by the fact that several months had passed and maybe we should take him into the doctor. poor, neglected middle child.

anyway, we are a little over three weeks into the experiment, and daniel seems to really be improving...better diapers, and he seems to be lacking that overall tired, sick look around the eyes that i didn't really notice until it was gone. wonderful mother that i am, i was really hoping that it was going to be giardia, or some other terrible but easily curable microscopic problem--anything but gluten, which anyone who has had to deal with allergies can tell you is in everything, and i do mean *everything*. soy sauce. rice crispies, for heaven's sake.

which leads me to the piecrust. i have been trying to find a good substitute for good ol' gluten-laden piecrust, and have been dismally unsuccessful. the first try, bob's red mill brand, tasted disturbingly like beans. the second (pamela's products) was better but took 3 sticks of butter, and tonight, gluten free pantry's pie crust mix. the best one of all, but still a mealy, unsatisfying substitute. anyone out there with suggestions, i am all ears.


Anonymous said...

let me know what you find out about the pie crust - we'll need that info for thanksgiving pies...
1st to comment on day 2 as well... hmmmmmm....
Mom :)

Anonymous said...

Pie? I love pie! I love the blog (& you too by the way...). And you didn't think you had thoughts...



joysnatcher said...

Hi Christy! Fun to read your blog! My neice was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease, so my sister-in-law is valiantly going through the same thing you are with finding gluten-free food.

It's got to be tough, on top of having your third baby you have to re-vamp your family's eating. But you can do it!

Christy Halsell

Anonymous said...

Some friends of ours in Texas have been doing the gluetin-free thing for a couple of years, and this is the website on gluetin-free resources she's posted:

She's also a singer of good--read make you laugh and/or cry and/or squirt milk out your nose--songs.

:) Stacy